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  • Sample Box

    Please complete the form below with your 6 preferred flavours. All samples come with a buttercream filling.

  • Cake Tasting

    Book an appointment for a personalised tasting and consultation session with up to 6 flavours for £25, redeemable on placing an order over £300.00. Your preferred flavours will be sent prior to this appointment.

  • Zoom Conference Call

    Can't make it down for a consultation? We have you covered, You can now schedule a conference call with cake samples sent by post.

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  • AprilLove

    1st Sunday in April is always a special day for me, it marks the end of the cold long months and ushers in a newness, lightness and hope. This year marks 25years since I started baking cakes. I’ve met some truly amazing people along the way who have altered the trajectory of my life and delivered to some wonderful venues. There’s usually a back story to each order which usually doesn’t feature in the order. To celebrate 25 years in caking, my new designs have been inspired by so many friends, family members, clients, suppliers and other vendors who have left such a deep mark. I will share some of these experiences (in cakes) gradually over the coming year. Thank you everyone your support means a lot! #cake #cakedecorating #cakes #birthdaycake #chocolate #food #dessert #cakesofinstagram #birthday #cakedesign #instafood #baking #foodporn #yummy #cakestagram #homemade #love #sweet #instacake #bakery #foodie #cupcakes #cakeart #delicious #chocolatecake #pastry #instagood #foodphotography #happybirthday #milestonecakes #beautifulcakes

  • Adebola at 50

    Made this gold design for Bola, one of our lovely clients who has been ordering for almost 20 years now. Where has time gone?

  • Double Vision

    Met Christie and Cathe when they collected their order. Was truly amazed, by their beauty and pleasantness. I could not tell them apart!

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  • Peppa Pig | Panari Cakes

    Peppa Pig Peppa Pig PE9274. Peppa Pig Cake PE7978. Peppa Pig Cake PE7331. Peppa Pig Cake PE0361. Peppa Pig Cake PE7652. Peppa Pig Cake PE1574 Peppa Pig Cake PE7797 Peppa Pig Cake PE7542 Peppa PE4188 Peppa PE2552 Peppa PE2523 Peppa Pig Cake PE1591 Peppa Pig Cake PE1131 Peppa Pig Cake PE1761 Peppa Pig Cake PE5531 Peppa Pig PE4105 Peppa Pig PE0501 Peppa Pig PE0361. Peppa Pig Cake PE7117. Peppa Pig Cake PE6418. Peppa Pig Cake PE9599 Peppa Cake PE1566 Peppa Pig Cake PE0924. Peppa Pig Cake PE0099. Peppa Pig Cake PE0094 George Cake PE0066 Peppa & George Cake PE0066 Peppa Cake PE0043

  • Milestones | Panari Cakes

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  • New Designs | Panari Cakes

    New Designs About Our Cakes Out of gallery

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