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    Can't make it down for a consultation? We have you covered, You can now schedule a conference call with cake samples sent by post.

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  • Abi’s 45th Cake

    Here’s s repeat of one of our old crystal designs. Delivered to House of Praise in Peckam.

  • Mama London @70

    A gold setup at St John’s Church Erith. Made with very moist Marble and Vanilla Flavours.

  • A Fabulous Olive Birthday!

    A simple design for a gorgeous lady at 39. As you can guess, her favourite colour is olive!

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  • Beautiful Bespoke Cakes | Panari Cakes | England

    Out of gallery Out of gallery Out of gallery More Cakes Out of gallery Plain Uniced Cakes Panari & You ​ Cake Tasting Out of gallery Make a Booking... Panari at Ernest Jones To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Panari Cakes When customers cut into what they describe as “a work of art” cake, they are delighted to find it tastes as good as it looks. We take great pride in our recipes and, therefore, use only fresh quality ingredients, guaranteeing wonderful flavours. From hand-blended icing to fresh fruit fillings, we’ll take care of your cake.

  • Milestones | Panari Cakes

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  • Cakes For Women | Panari Cakes

    Fashionistas Milestones Bows, Frills & Florals Inspirational Queens & Sweethearts Discover our beautiful range of cakes to complement your style. The Party's On! We celebrate the many sides of women. Daughters, Mums,Grandmums, Wives, Queens, Sweethearts.... ​ Don’t Miss Out. Book It Now

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