Rayo Apanari

 Cake Designer

Rayo is a creative cake designer based in Kent, she works with clients across the globe crafting unique cake concepts with a lasting impact.

Panari Cakes officially started in 2007, since then we have delivered joy to thousands of customers in London and the South East.


As part of our efforts to evolve and meet the expectations of our customers, we need to make a number of small but significant changes as detailed below..


1. Location and Service Hours.

We have moved to London House Business Centre, Crayford, DA1 4SL.


Our hours of service are from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Saturday (by appointment only). Please email info@panari.co.uk to book an appointment or to reach us outside of these hours.


2. Delivery.

We now only deliver orders  which require setup. All other orders will require collection from our new location in Crayford. You will be able to select a pickup slot when placing your order.

3. Payment.

We only take payments by bank transfer only


4. Children’s character & novelty cakes.

We have lovingly recreated many character and novelty cakes over the years. Some of those cakes drew inspiration from third party designs which exposed us to potential litigation from the copyright holders.


With this in mind, we have taken the necessary decision to draw on designs which are not restricted by copyright.  Please bear with us as our website will look a little sparse whilst we work on a new collection.

Beautiful Bespoke Cakes

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