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Food Allergy Policy

Customers are advised that some of the cakes and flour confectionery may contain eggs, gluten, milk, colours, flavourings and may have traces of nuts. Parents who have children with food allergies are responsible for instructing them to avoid eating foods that may provoke allergic reactions.


Handling Your Cake

Cakes are fragile, handle with care at all times

1. Transport flat and upright in your footwell or boot and not on your car seat,

2. Store away from sunlight, flourescent light, humidity and any source of heat,

3. Your cake will keep fresh for one week from collection/delivery.

4. Preserve any leftovers by cutting into chunks or slices, freeze with cling film and foil. Store for a month, defrost at room temperature.

Flavours, and Ingredients


Crumb Coat

Our cakes are coated with a delicious blend of white or dark chocolate and cream.

Chocolate Mix



No Filling: For those who just don't want a cake that's too sweet.


Buttercream :  This is a soft, sweet and creamy mix of butter, icing sugar and flavours


Apricot Jam: A nice simple filling, which is not too sweet.


Buttercream & Coconut:

 This adds a little crunch to your cake.


Buttercream & Strawberry Jam


Chocolate Fudge


Cream Cheese


Strawberry Jam


Strawberry Jam  & Coconut

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