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Single Tier Bespoke Cake BSC0001

  • Alterations

    Changes to the colours are possible, additional charges will apply.


  • About Our Cakes

    Click here for more information about our ingredients.


    Food Allergy Policy

    Customers are advised that some of the cakes and flour confectionery may contain eggs, gluten, milk, colours, flavourings and may have traces of nuts. Parents who have children with food allergies are responsible for instructing them to avoid eating foods that may provoke allergic reactions.



    Handling Your Cake

    Cakes are fragile, please handle with care at all times.

    • Transport flat and upright in your footwell or boot (not on the car sit),
    • Store on a upright on a flat surface away from sunlight or flourescent light, and away from humidity and any source of heat.
    • Cake is fresh for one week from delivery if stored in an air tight container.
    • Leftovers can be preserved for 1 month by wrapping in cling film, foil and freezing.
    • We do not advise transporting cakes on the bus or train.




All our decorated cakes are crumb coated with a delicious blend of white or dark chocolate and double cream.

Chocolate Mix

Placing An Order

At Panari Cakes, we make everything fresh-from-scratch. We are up at the crack of dawn kneading, mixing, baking and topping, using only the finest and freshest ingredients. We need 1 Month's notice to fulfil a bespoke order, and most of our cake orders will require collection from DA1. Our plain cakes and letterbox gifts can be delivered usually with 5-7 working days. Please email us for more information or to place an order.


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