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Bake some love

Two years ago, I felt the urgent need to close up our bakery and move back home. A need to change direction. It was such a difficult decision and to many seemed unwise, but with a bit of hindsight now, I am so grateful I listened to that still small voice, I didn't realise a storm was brewing.

Settled into my new bakery in my garage, I've been so distressed and moved by the impact of the Covid 19, a looming recession, the death of George Floyd and so many more issues around the world. It's caused me to pause out of respect and reflection for all the lives lost and left me with a determination to live a simple life living each moment to the fullest, Tomorrow isn't promised. I realise the need to be more aware of the people around me.

We are all so different, and for some this is enough to maintain a superior stance, subjugate. demean, belittle, and persecute. There is so much prejudice on so many levels. race, sex, age, height, size, hair colour, religion, tribe, personality, the list is endless. With millions of us on this planet earth, these differences are what link us all. Yet in spite of these differences we are all human in need a bit of love, understanding and acceptance,

Wherever you are, whoever you are with, please spread some joy, it goes a long way!

Live, Love, Laugh, and eat some of my cakes!😀

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